About Mukono Municipal Council

about mukono Municipal Council

Administrative Units


Mukono Municipality is made up of 2 Divisions, 9 Wards and 79 Villages as summarized in the table below;

Population Characteristics

With reference to the National Population and Housing Census 2014, the population characteristics of Mukono Municipality are summarized below;

Founded in the 15th Century as headquarters of Kyaggwe County during the pre-colonial times, the municipality is enriched with cultural diversities since it’s occupied with people originating from the 65 indigenous communities. These include:

Mukono municipality exerts a significant positive impact upon Commerce, Entertainment, Research, Technology, Education, Politics, Tourism, Art, Fashion, and Sports on Uganda and the world at large. The municipality’s fast pace has inspired and attracted several development partners for example, Vimmerby.

Leadership composition of Mukono Municipality:


Mukono municipality consists of both the Technical Arm and the Political Arm

The Political Arm is headed by the Mayor.

The Technical Arm is headed by the Town Clerk.

The Council is headed by the Speaker.

Mukono Municipal Council consists of 26 elected Honorable Councilors from among the 79 villages and 9 Wards that constitute the municipality, bringing to a total of 27 elected leaders including the Mayor.

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