Hon. Kiwuka Susan Sylvia

Municipality Speaker

I greet you in the name of the almighty God who has enabled us reach all this far, Glory and honor goes to him and I thank the people of Mukono municipality for entrusting and empowering me as their Speaker.

The Local Government Act provides that there shall be a Speaker and Deputy Speaker of a Municipal Council, who are elected by Members of the council from among their number.

Roles of a Speaker

  • The Speaker Heads the Council and is deputized by the Deputy Speaker.
  • The Speaker chairs all sittings of the council and ensures that debates are handled in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.
  • The deputy speaker performs/assumes the roles of the speaker when the speaker is absent

Hon. Nakigudde Hamiyat is the Speaker of Mukono Municipal Council, and is deputized by Hon. Kiwuka Susan Sylvia

Mukono Municipal Council consists of 26 elected Honorable Councilors from among the 79 Villages and 9 Wards that constitute the municipality, bringing to a total of 27 elected leaders including the Mayor.