• Kagimu George Fred



    During my stay as a Mayor for Mukono Municipality, I will ensure that I develop and implement a plan for Mukono Municipality to become a city, by implementing the following;

    1. Developing a Physical Master plan

    2. Establishing Markets per parish to accommodate road vendors

    3. Maintaining the cleanest environment by enhancing garbage collection

    4. Developing a good road network in order to improve the flow of traffic

    5. Encouraging the people to plant trees in order to improve the environment

    6. Constructing an improved Administration Block

    7. Developing and improving youth centers in order to provide skills to the youth and reduce unemployment.

    Mukono municipality is favored by a number of factors (as indicated) below, from which I will base to achieve my development plan for making it a city;


    The Municipality is located next to Kampala City (Uganda’s Capital City) which enhances ease of access to services, resources and any other requirement as may be deemed necessary.


    The municipality has such a big number of prominent and high performing schools (both primary and secondary) as well as higher institutions of learning (both Vocational and University) which not only increases its revenue sources but also greatly enhances the campaign to end illiteracy, skill citizens, and to fight unemployment

    Road network

    The municipality is located along Kampala –Kenya highway which provides an option for entrance and exit to Kenya boarder points. This comes with a number of benefits most especially exportation and importation of goods and services

    Industrial Parks

    The increase in the development of industrial parks within the municipality provides a green light towards the increase in the pool of revenue sources, and the fight against unemployment.

    Development Partners

    There different organizations that have gained interest in creating a partnership with Mukono Municipality. This comes with many befits including Aid/Support in terms of donations, trainings, and market for our exports.