Mukasa Erisa Nkoyoyo

Municipality Mayor

I greet you in the name of the almighty God who has enabled us reach all this far, Glory and honor goes to him and I thank the people of Mukono municipality for entrusting and empowering me as their Mayor.

Duties of a mayor

  • The Municipal Mayor is the political head of the municipality, presides over all meetings of the Authority, performs ceremonial and civic functions, he also hosts foreign and local dignitaries, heads the Authority in developing strategies and programs for the development of the City.
  • Monitors the administration of the municipality, provides guidance to the division administrations; and represent the City on the Metropolitan Authority.
  • Collecting revenue, establish goals, objectives and public policies, review and approve annual budgets and approve capital expenditures
  • The Mayor in the performance of his functions is answerable to the Authority.
  • The Deputy Mayor assists the Mayor in the performance of his or her functions and otherwise deputize for the Mayor in his or her absence.