Community Based Department


The department has a mandate of empowerment and mobilizing communities to participate in the development processes access services and demand accountability in public and community based initiatives.

    • Gender and Culture

    • Probation and Social Welfare

    • Community Development

    • Labor

Functions of the Department

    • Community mobilization and empowerment

    • Promoting gender and inclusive education

    • Promoting social protection among communities

    • Registering community based organizations

    • Monitoring and supervising NGOs in the Municipality

    • Advising council on matters related to gender, labor and social development

    • Coordinating the collection, analysis and dissemination of labor information

    • Monitoring community centers and community training institutions and children homes

Strategic Objectives

    • To strengthen human resource and operation capacities for effective community mobilization and empowerment

    • To carry out community sensitization mobilization and promote participation in development initiatives

    • To promote gender equality and women empowerment through ensuring equitable access to opportunities and ensuring participation of both male and female in development

    • To empower the youth with skills for self-reliance and socio-economic progress

    • To improve the welfare and livelihood practices of the elderly

    • To promote the wellbeing of the people living with HIV/AIDS

    • To promote and enhance positive and progressive cultural practices

    • To institutionalize gender responsive planning and budgeting in all public institutions in the municipality

    • To promote and enhance compliance with relevant laws policies on occupational health and safety by all public and private sectors in the municipality

    Staff composition

Challenges in the Department

    • Low sustainability of community groups especially YLP

    • Inadequate funds for labour, probation and gender sections

    • Unemployment of youth and poor living conditions of the elderly

    • Inadequate NGOs add support to activities implemented by the department

    • Lack of vehicle for transport in the department

    • Ignorance of communities on existing laws on labour, child protection and other matters like gender based violence

    • High enrolment VS the low completion rate of pupils in schools

    • Child labour is still an issue on streets


    • Well-wishers to support the department with a vehicle for transport for ease of service delivery

    • Communities to be trained on the issues of ownership of government programmes and thus sustainability

    • Fundable proposals to be written and thus support to the department in the section of labor, probation and culture.

    • Continuous sensitization of communities on the existing legal frame works governing community matters

    • Continuous sensitization of communities on the values of education for their children and taking responsibility towards their children