Article 197 of the constitution and section 79 of the Local government Act Cap 243 mandates the creation of a Municipal Council as a lower local government of the district in which it is situated. Mukono Municipal council was created in 2010 by resolution of Parliament of Uganda.
Mukono Municipality is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Uganda With an estimated population of 162,796 inhabitants distributed over a land area of about 210 sqkm according to the National population and housing census 2014
Mukono Municipality is located at approximately 20kilometers East of Kampala (the Capital City of Uganda), and is situated along the highway which links Uganda to its Eastern neighbor Kenya. It’s surrounded by Kira Town Council, Nama and Nakisunga Sub- counties and it has a shoreline along Lake Victoria. Mukono Municipality is made up of 2 Divisions, 9 Wards and 79 Villages

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National Assessment FY 2022/2023

Mukono municipal Council Performance Results

Overall Scores : 70%
Ranking :37
Crosscutting Minimum Conditions : 54%
Educational Performance Measures : 81%
Health Performance Measures: 77%

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